Oh ****, I have a blog?!

Sorta forgot about this. So.. I’m doing an xthemusic(Who does a good blog HERE by the way), and promise to write atleast TWO posts each week.

God I’m scared. But I can persevere! I can do words! And string them together to make a sentence! And string those together to make a paragraph! And- well you get the point.

Also, I has Twitter. Follow me. Please?!



Force-a-freaking-sandman, BONK!

Dear Scattergun, Pistol, and Aluminum Bat.

We can still be friends, but I just don’t want to see you anymore. kthxbai.

Love, Jethro

Seriously the unlocks are the (base)ball! The Force-A-Nature is great, lags a bit on servers for some reason. Sandman does just what it says on the tin, double jump removed, stunning ability improved. And Bonk, while making you a TEENY WEENY BIT faster, makes you invuln to damage. Not fall damage, though.

If you wanna play against me, my SteamID is Jetamo.

See ya on the next side of tomorrow week, or something.


That Was A Mercy Kill

So the Scout Update has hit a home run, and thousands of Scouts are now Force-A-Naturing, Baseballing and Bonking. But along with the update, are a few tweaks for some of the other classes including changing what disguised weapon you are holding for Spy, new sounds and voiceclips for the Scout and the Medic(only one for the Medic, a new death scream when fully charged)

The sad part is thus – not a single Valve map, Meet The video in site. Which sucks as hard as you bit that bat I just hit you with. But, atleast we still have the Scout stuff, including a new killer taunt(or taunt killer?) for the Sandman, nicknamed the “Bonk” by all.

In other news, TF2 is now half price, 7 pounds for us in the UK, dunno how much for those in Amerika.  In other other news, I’ll be posting what I think of the new weapons when I unlock them.

Which might take me a while, took me till January to get the KGB. >.<

Batter up!


Eff yeah! Due to my new powerful of my very own computer, I can now blog quicker, faster, and moar! Coming soon, my thoughts on DLC, Mass Effect, and the up and coming Scout Update for TF2.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this.

Myst Onlineforge

Yeah..name of post is reference to Sourceforge.

Anyhoo, Myst Online has turned into an open source project. Which means pretty good things, if you ask me.

A. Free Myst Online, a GIANT improvement over pay-to-play.

B.  Open source, which means lots of user created stuff/code improvements.

C. Moar Myst.

D. ???

E. Profit!

Source: Myst Online to be turned into open source project – Big Download Blog.

Spore Cubed.

Spore has recently released it’s second patch, of which the most prominent(and only NEW feature) is the new planet style: Cube.


Anyway, it’s mostly just a bugfix, but atleast EA/Maxis are even bothering to touch it, not like the Orange Box for PS3.

Damn you, Evil Addicts(of money).


Heres Sackboy!

LittleBigPlanet – Possibly one of the most anticipated PS3 games, second to MGS and probably some other stuff I don’t care about. You play this adorable little guy above me, a Sackboy(or girl.)

The general objective of the game is, in three easy words, Play, Create, Share. In more, you PLAY other people’s/retail levels, you CREATE your own levels and SHARE the levels.

And I got a goddamn beta code, YEEHAW!

In the beta, it looks like one eighth of the tools/props are available. I say this due to Media Molecule(the developers) only including the Gardens and the tutorials for stuff which unlocks you props, et cetera. So far, many people have done amazing things with it.

Such as a LittleBigShadow of the Colossus, a PS2 game remade(ish) in LBP, Heist(part one), where you must break into a safe and Sweet Child O’ Mine, where somebody recreated the melody of a whole song in LBP. Along with drums.

Yeah, I went O.O at that too.

It also has up to four(I think)person multiplayer, so there will be levels where you need more than one to make it through. So yay for community. Another cool idea is the Sackboy’s lips move when someone uses voice chat.

Feel free to go O.O again.

I’ll hopefully be getting it when it’s released, so if you want to see any levels I make, feel free to add me.

PSN: Jetamo