Heres Sackboy!

LittleBigPlanet – Possibly one of the most anticipated PS3 games, second to MGS and probably some other stuff I don’t care about. You play this adorable little guy above me, a Sackboy(or girl.)

The general objective of the game is, in three easy words, Play, Create, Share. In more, you PLAY other people’s/retail levels, you CREATE your own levels and SHARE the levels.

And I got a goddamn beta code, YEEHAW!

In the beta, it looks like one eighth of the tools/props are available. I say this due to Media Molecule(the developers) only including the Gardens and the tutorials for stuff which unlocks you props, et cetera. So far, many people have done amazing things with it.

Such as a LittleBigShadow of the Colossus, a PS2 game remade(ish) in LBP, Heist(part one), where you must break into a safe and Sweet Child O’ Mine, where somebody recreated the melody of a whole song in LBP. Along with drums.

Yeah, I went O.O at that too.

It also has up to four(I think)person multiplayer, so there will be levels where you need more than one to make it through. So yay for community. Another cool idea is the Sackboy’s lips move when someone uses voice chat.

Feel free to go O.O again.

I’ll hopefully be getting it when it’s released, so if you want to see any levels I make, feel free to add me.

PSN: Jetamo