So the Scout Update has hit a home run, and thousands of Scouts are now Force-A-Naturing, Baseballing and Bonking. But along with the update, are a few tweaks for some of the other classes including changing what disguised weapon you are holding for Spy, new sounds and voiceclips for the Scout and the Medic(only one for the Medic, a new death scream when fully charged)

The sad part is thus – not a single Valve map, Meet The video in site. Which sucks as hard as you bit that bat I just hit you with. But, atleast we still have the Scout stuff, including a new killer taunt(or taunt killer?) for the Sandman, nicknamed the “Bonk” by all.

In other news, TF2 is now half price, 7 pounds for us in the UK, dunno how much for those in Amerika.  In other other news, I’ll be posting what I think of the new weapons when I unlock them.

Which might take me a while, took me till January to get the KGB. >.<

Batter up!